Our trailers produced in series are approved for road traffic (homologation) and have a CE certificate of conformity.

Documents that you receive with the trailers purchased above:

  1. VAT invoice

  2. Extract from the homologation

  3. Instruction manual

  4. Machine declaration of conformity

  5. Entry into business activities

INSTALLMENT sale possible!

Our products catalogues

PDFKatalog_Techmont_angielski.pdf Techmont katalog angielski - English catalog

PDFKatalog_Techmont_czeski.pdf Techmont katalog Czeski - Český katalog

PDFkatalog_Techmont_niemiecki.pdf Techmont katalog Niemiecki - Deutscher Katalog

PDFKatalog_Techmont_Polski.pdf Techmont katalog


User manuals for our products

PDFInstrukcja użytkowania T-151 - PDF T-151 User Guide

PDFInstrukcja obsługi PTTCW - PDF PTTCW Operating Manual

PDFInstrukcja obsługi PTD - PDF PTD Operating Manual


At the client's individual request, we can make a trailer with dimensions strictly adapted to his needs. The trailer will be marked with the SAM symbol which means that registration matters shall be made by the buyer.

SAM is a self-made vehicle, made individually or in a workshop. Most often, there is only one such vehicle on the market, less often a small series. SAM is created as a result of the modification of a serial vehicle or is built from scratch by a designer or a hobbyist.