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Producer of trailers for agriculture and industry

The profile of our company is the production of machines for agriculture and transport industry, mainly agricultural, industrial and municipal trailers. We also create steel structures and deal with metalworking. Our offer also includes repair services for semi-trailers and trailers, load boxes and their adaptations. We also perform any individual orders

In addition to the above mentioned production and services, we sell such products as: axles, hydraulic and telescopic cylinders, rims and tyres, side closures, box fixings, etc.

Thanks to many years of experience in the industry and a group of qualified staff, the motto of our company is reliability, professionalism and solidity.

The result is a group of satisfied customers in the country and abroad, who have a product that stands out from the competition with its durability.


We produce single-axle agricultural trailers with a capacity of 3,5T (T-151/1) and 5T (T-151/2). All our trailers are officially certified and their execution is in accordance with EU directives and therefore they all have the CE Certificate. We also make tandems with a payload of 8,10 and 12T PTTCW and two-axle trailers 6T, 8T, 10T and 12T PTD, using modern technologies commonly used in our industry. We also offer platforms for harvesting vegetables. Our production is based on proven technical solutions of brands recognised on the European market. The products we have built are very popular due to their very solid workmanship and cooperation with many recognised and well-known companies producing components for our needs. We are able to carry out any order entrusted to us, even the very unusual ones, in a reliable, solid and, above all, at a reasonable price.


We can implement the most sophisticated ideas


We have the following trailers:

  • Uniaxial
    • T-151/1 3500kg
    • T-151/2 5000kg
  • Tandem sidebuilding
    • PTTCW308 8000kg
    • PTTCW310 10000kg
    • PTTCW312 12000kg
  • Tandem shell building
    • PTTCW108 8000kg
    • PTTCW110 10000kg
    • PTTCW112 12000kg
  • Biaxial
    • PTD09 6000kg
    • PTD11 8000kg
    • PTD14 10000kg
    • PTD16 12000kg
  • Low-loading platforms
  • Trailers for individual orders
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Truck bodies

We also develop light commercial vehicles as well as large trucks.

Tippers for boxes

We produce equipment for unloading boxes of different sizes - width of the working carriage. It is adjustable or fixed. The boxes are loaded with a forklift or pallet truck. The equipment is adapted to customer requirements and needs. Optionally, there can be a full floor and a remote control (remote controller).

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Repairs of trailers and semi-trailers

We repair and renovate damaged trailers. In addition to repairs of transport, municipal and agricultural trailers, we also provide repair services for semi-trailers of truck tractors.

Locksmith and welding services

Our natural environment resulting from the production of trailers and their repairs are locksmithing and welding services.